Our Mission
how exceptional organizations
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Our Founders
Metaview was founded in early 2018 by Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh — two customer-obsessed product engineering leaders that have operated at some of the most innovative, high-growth, and high-bar companies in the world. They started Metaview because they wanted to help leaders and operators be exceptional at the most high-leverage activity they are involved in: building teams.
Siadhal Magos
Siadhal Magos
Co-founder & CEO
Before Metaview, Siadhal worked on product at Uber - the fastest growing company ever - where he built and led teams in a period when the company grew from 7,000 to 17,000 people in under two years.
Shahriar Tajbakhsh
Shahriar Tajbakhsh
Co-founder & CTO
Prior to Metaview, Shahriar was an Enterprise Tech Lead at Palantir, leading their product and engineering efforts. Whilst there, he conducted hundreds of hours of interviews per year, hiring for both his and other people's teams.
Formerly built teams at
UberPalantirMorgan StanleyBetfair
Our Founding Secret

Interviews are the most outcome-defining part of the hiring process.

They are where organizations make their mind up about candidates, and where candidates make their mind up about organizations. They are the greatest competitive advantage in building exceptional teams.

Metaview turns interviews into troves of actionable data, and interviewers into the biggest asset in the war for talent. With Metaview, you can make hiring decisions like you make business decisions: data-informed and insight-led.

Our Founding Approach

Hiring decisions are often made based on little evidence or, worse, subjective feelings. Metaview works with forward-thinking organisations to:

  • Enable hiring mangers to make evidence-based hiring decisions.
  • Turn every team member in to an effective, trusted interviewer.
  • Empower talent leaders with rich, actionable data about the thousands of hours of interviews in their organizations.
Our Investors
We are proud to be backed by investors behind companies such as Transferwise, UiPath, and Revolut

And advised by true innovators and leaders on all things Talent and People:

Ben Casnocha
Ex-LinkedIn and author of Startup of You, and The Alliance
Stephen Allot
President of Micromuse and Trinamo
Anne Dwane
Co-founder of (professional network for service members), and SVP at Monster
James Richards
Founder of Teleborder, and Executive Director at Trinet

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