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Interview Better.

At Scale.

Metaview analyses voice to produce better interviewers, more informed hiring decisions, and an interview process with reliable outcomes.

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Unearth trends, issues, and opportunities

Without data, initiatives to improve your interviews and process are just guesses.

Metaview provides you with real data about what goes on during your interview process from which to drive meaningful change.

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More reliable hiring decisions at scale

Without consistency the outcome of an interview is arbitrary.

Metaview enables you to measure interview consistency and structure so you can ensure you’re reliably hiring the right people.

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Make better hiring decisions, quicker

Generate certainty on important hiring decisions without increasing time-to-hire.

Metaview chapters the audio and transcription so you can play back key moments from your process to help you make a better decision.

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Fix diversity problems

Diverse workforces achieve better results.

Metaview enables you to systematically ensure that all minority groups are being treated fairly in your interview process.

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Better candidate experiences

Better candidate experiences improve conversion.

Metaview pulls out key data about the quality of experience your candidates receive and empowers you to make meaningful improvements.

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Compare segments to gain unique insights

Use insights to home in on problems and opportunities with precision.

Use these insights to make better hiring decisions, train employees, improve employer brand, and drive real change in your organization.

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